Vote Yes For Central Mass Mosquito Control Project



Dear Fellow Residents of Upton,

The Board of Health will be proposing a warrant article at this year’s annual Town Meeting to authorize Upton’s participation in the Central Massachusetts Mosquito Control Project. We are asking for your favorable vote at Town meeting to enable this action to take place.

We have all read or seen on television the news coverage regarding mosquito borne illnesses both here in Massachusetts and elsewhere in the world. Unfortunately, we live in a global world and the spread of disease does not always follow borders or national boundaries. Your Board of Health has discussed the seriousness of potential infections caused by mosquitos and has consulted with Massachusetts health officials who strongly believe that we need to join with our neighboring towns in a proactive mosquito control program. It is our belief that by being proactive in this manner we can reduce the risk of mosquito borne diseases to our residents. We urge you to come to Town Meeting and to vote yes for our article.

The program that will be implemented will provide for EPA and DEP recommended activities that focus on non-invasive measures to control the development of adult mosquitos. Spraying for mosquito control is only used in extreme cases where the state of Massachusetts determines that the risk of disease to humans, pets and livestock is so high that only spraying will protect the citizens of Massachusetts.

As a board we know that some are and will be opposed to this article and we can only say that we hear you and understand your concerns. We would not be recommending the article if we did not believe that the risks of mosquito borne disease has become too severe to ignore any longer.


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  1. This information is Misleading and Inaccurate. Perhaps you’d like to clarify how “Nuisance spraying” which is a huge built in part of the Central Mass Control Program, is considered to be: “Spraying for mosquito control is only used in extreme cases”. This is simply false. The biggest reason this program was voted down 3 years ago by a landslide is because Central Mass Control program does such heavy nuisance spraying once you sign up.

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