NO Need To Cook Tonight!

Clough’s PTO is holding  “COOK’S NIGHT OFF” tonight to help support the Hoff Family of Mendon. The event will be taking place at THREE Participating Papa Ginos who will donate 20% of your order to the Hoff Family.

Participating Papa Gino Locations:

42 Cape Rd., (Rt. 140), Milford – 508-634-0244
94 Medway Road, Milford – 508-478-7706
144 North Main Street, Uxbridge – 508-278-6881

How can you participate? Print the flyer below and bring it to a participating Papa Gino’s listed above! Papa Gino’s will only donate 20% of your order if you bring the flyer.

Candice Hoff is a Mendon Mom who is suffering from Polycystic liver and kidney disease. According to a GoFundMe account she is bedridden almost 20 hours a day, accept for a monthly trip to the Mayo clinic in Minnesota for treatment. Candice’s condition will not get better and she is waiting for a liver transplant.

The fundraiser will help with out of pocket medical expenses as well as any travel expenses and expenses not covered by insurance.

Print and bring this flyer:



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