When you think your kennel is great and find out it’s horrifying


Oden and Graham – mauled to death during kennel stay

Do you kennel your pet?

If you do, look beyond what you perceive is the warm and cozy environment your pet is experiencing. It could be a facade, the experience could be horrifying.

My friend’s adorable tea-cup size pups were mauled to death last spring during their stay at Gibson’s Pet Resort in Grafton MA.

In an effort to protect other animals my friend created  Barking Back, where she shares disturbing photos and videos “taken at Gibson’s Natural Pet Resort in Grafton.” The photos and videos were obtained from “employee’s social media pages.”

The images are horrifying. One video shows two dogs mating another is beyond the PG 13 rating of this blog. One photo is of a completely rusted out stabilizer bracket with a comment by nikimaranda “real safe huh?” You can view the photos/ videos here http://www.mydogswerekilledatgibsonspetresort.com/#!news-rpts/n2386 

My friend chose Gibson kennels because she believed her pups were going to have a great stay at the “pet resort” people raved about. Her pups did not have a warm and fuzzy experience instead one had their guts ripped open and the other his neck snapped.

Is your kennel safe?

Below are tips on choosing a kennel.


The general attitude of staff and cleanliness is incredibly important when deciding who to trust with your pet’s care. A few other things to look for include:

  • Staff that are interacting with animals and seem to enjoy their work.
  • Being allowed their own toys and blankets can be comforting to some dogs.
  • Sleeping  and relaxed dogs, rather than dogs who look anxious, are pacing or continuously barking.
  • Outdoor play areas where dogs can socialize.
  • Elevated trampoline dog beds or similar (something easy to clean and off the ground).
  • Multiple resting places for dogs (both inside and outside).
  • Do they have an up to date license?
  • Do they have to undergo safety inspections by the town? Many towns do not inspect kennels or have any regulations as to who works there, pet to staff ratio etc.
  • Do they provide 24-hour video streaming?
  • Do they allow small and large dogs in the same common area?


  • Smelly premises.
  • Dogs that are pacing and barking rather than resting.
  • Kennels that are unwilling to give tours or show you where your dog will be kept.
  • Pens that are obviously dirty and difficult to clean.
  • Is the Kennels constantly noisy? The more noise, the more stress it causes.
  • Kennels that don’t require proof of vaccination.
  • Kennels that are in disrepair with jagged edges of wire, peeling paint or drains that are blocked.
  • The pen your dog is kept in should be big enough for your dog to run and should be escape-proof.
  • How was your dog when you collected him/her? Expect your pup to be tired but if your pup shows previously unseen signs of depression, is withdrawn, suffering or fearful – then you must find out why.
  • Don’t accept “we don’t let people back because we don’t want to disturb the other dogs”






  1. as an owner of 4 dogs I am so upset by this!
    The quality of care ( or lack of) for the animals is clearly a joke to them!

    Hope these videos get seen by the right people and they shut this place down

  2. These pups did not deserve the treatment they got from this horrible place and the family should never have had to deal with this loss. Good story to make people aware of what’s really behind the scene at this so called pet resort.

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