1. Hey Jen, can I make a comment about the Olympics? I will watch the opening ceremony with joy and anticipation …. Rio is so exotic. However, I will have my can of Deet at the ready. I am horrified at sending all these elite athletes to a place with such filth in the water and the fear of the Zika virus on every corner. The money spent on the Olympics could so much better be used to end world hunger and poverty. That is a cause worth competing for

    Marilyn Holman



    Town Crier Publications

    From: UPTON DAILY Reply-To: UPTON DAILY Date: Wednesday, August 3, 2016 at 4:09 PM To: Marilyn Holman Subject: [New post] Upton Daily Question Of The Week: Will You Be Watching The Olympics?

    Jennifer Doyle posted: ” “

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