Letter: Consider Joining the Upton Historical Commission


Upton Residents,

The Upton Historical Commission, UHC, is a seven member commission appointed by the Board of Selectmen.  The stated mission is to “…protect, and preserve the community’s historical assets for the education, enjoyment, and benefit of current and future generations”.   Presently, we have five members.  The UHC is in need of two interested residents to complete the commission.  We meet once a month and work diligently with all Boards and Commissions to achieve our goals.  Your support would be welcomed.  Please contact the Board of Selectmen at bos@uptonma.gov , or, through Upton’s web site, www.uptonma.gov.  Upton is a great community and working together absolutely adds to the value of our town.  Please get in touch with the Board of Selectmen today and express your interest in being a part of the Upton Historical Commission.  Thank you.

Donna Desjardins

Chair, UHC


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