Notice of names appearing to be owners of funds held by the Town of Upton and deemed abandoned



State law requires that the Town post a list of unclaimed checks. If your  name appears below you should contact the Treasure/Collector office at town hall or call 508-529-3737. Claims must be made within 60 days of the original posting by the Town.

Payee Amount
Bergman, Edward V $27.47
Bergman, Edward V $14.36
Bergman, Edward V $14.36
Bergstrom, Joseph F $19.05
Bergstrom, Joseph F $24.94
Cook, Douglas P $115.53
Cook, Douglas P $129.34
Cook, Douglas P $103.52
Earl, Eric J. $18.97
Ellis, William and Phyllis $7.05
Fiske, Wilbur  (c/o Elizabeth Fiske) $27.47
Griswold, Abigail L $116.55
Griswold, Abigail L $43.70
Griswold, Abigail L $29.14
Griswold, Abigail L $116.54
Henderson Sr., Richard J $27.60
Henderson Sr., Richard J $23.46
Henderson, Robert $137.91
Johnson, John $905.34
Lamanuzzi Jr., Leo J $241.24
Lavin, Edward J. $22.98
Lazarz, Daniel $5.46
Lazarz, Daniel $1.89
 Leoffler-Beauregard, Theresa $20.31
Marchand, Shawn $75.00
Marchand, Shawn $7.99
Marchand, Shawn

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