Upton Historical Society Would Like to Collect Your Stories For Their Musem

Parson Elm - Upton Historical Society Images“Sometimes we are in a defining moment in history and don’t realize it until later.” – Upton Historical Society

The Upton Historical Society is looking to have your stories, experiences, and photos for the future. Stories you share will provide a glimpse of what it was like to live during the pandemic one hundred years from now.

You can share your thoughts, photos, experiences with them on their Facebook page or through a private message.

If you don’t know where to start, think about how your daily routine has changed. Are you home-schooling, what is that like for your family? Are you a senior concerned about contact? Are you a public official making difficult decisions? Are you an essential worker, what that’s like? How are you coping if you are out of work? Are you a college student or high school student, how has your life changed? Are you working the front line, share what you can.

“Someday your descendants will appreciate having it and your insight on unusual circumstances.” 


Upton Daily accepts submissions – email jennupton@yahoo.com


Comments are encouraged! If this is your first time commenting (welcome!). Your email is required but not displayed. I ask town officials to use their real names.

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