VFW Members thank volunteers who helped make the 5k Run to Remember event a success

thankyouThe Upton VFW held their annual Run to Remember Fundraiser on Saturday, October 5. They appreciate all the help they received in running the event and would like to recognize all who helped make the event a success.

There is so much for the VFW members to be grateful for regarding the wonderful success we just experienced with this event.  First and foremost we need to thank the participants who came forward in proud support of Veterans of their choice and even for those chosen at random.   Race Director, Peggy Laneri asked each participant at the start of the race to glance at the Veteran’s name they wore and think about that person during the run for they were representing that person or those persons as well as themselves.  They Honor themselves by Honoring someone who has put his or her life on the line for Freedom and Liberty.

We need to thank the Town’s Selectmen and Heritage Committee for allowing us to be part of this important celebration.   Special thanks to our Chief of Police and fine Police force who took personal interest in assuring the race was carried out in supreme saftety.  We need to thank our sponsors without who’s help we might not have been able to conduct the event;  G & G Home Improvements, Kelly’s Farm, Laneri Coaching, J.P. Electric, Upton Mens Club, Upton Youth Club,  Attorney John C. Rexford, A Little Common Sense,  Charles River Bank, Doug Keniston, P.R. Running, Phipps Insurance, and George Summers Trucking.

We are indebted to Race Director Peggy Laneri who continues to lead this Annual Event, to Kate Carroll whose imagination and energy gave us the Fun Kids Run at the end of the 5K Race, to Upton LaCross Ileeen Woods and Kelsey Woods for their help with Shirt sales before they then competed; to Nipmuc Girls Volley Ball coach Christine Corey, and volunteers  Kristen Brien, Keith Brady, Dan Lynnworth, Pam Brien, Tim Brien, Lindsey Doyle, Elizabeth  Nigro, and Katelyn Corey  for helping with Registrations and then competing as well.   It may well have been that every member of the Volley Ball team ran – quite a tribute to them I feel.

Thank you to hard-working members, Dave “Popeye” Kennedy, Rick “Toothache”Kennedy,  Mike “Mighty” Goodwin, and Doug “Non-stop” Keniston.   A special Thank you also to the news correspondence for their support leading up to and including this Special Event

This year on the women’s side there were some new record times by Meagan DaSilva who was also the top female finisher; by Kristen Legendre for the 0-29 age group; by Dale Fingar for the 50-59 age group and by Linda Usher for the over 60 group.  Thats a lot of records to fall.  Congratulations.

We need to seek help in locating a couple of winners so we may recognize them properly:  There was a Jamie Delaney of Upton, Joe Whitney of Upton, and  Kaitin Destefano of Gilford, CT.  The addresses we had for these individuals were unconfirmable.  Anyone who can help locate these individuals would be appreciated.

For all of the VFW,

Joseph McMahon, Commander

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