Letter: “Grave differences in the people you have elected to Cemetery Commission”


Letter to the Editor:

It is Vital that the voters of the Town of Upton realize the grave differences in the people you have elected to the Cemetery Commission in good faith.

I believed you elected myself to this position to Help people who are dealing with the stark reality and cruelty of death and I am trying very hard to do just that. I know that one of my fellow commissioners has been helping people for 26 years and has displayed his dedication over and over. But, there are three members on the Commission and one has been in my opinion, disruptive, insulting, and unethical.

I invite, no I beg you to visit the Town of Upton pages for the Cemetery Commission. We were told at the meeting that the information posted there was approved by past members and should not be changed. I have personally contacted four of the past members and find no one that confirms that statement. Ah but there is MORE, please look at the ugly comments listed as Minutes that are nothing of the kind.

If after reading them you agree with me that this person, in view of his disregard for the Town of Upton and its residents being degraded in the public space, should NOT be given free rein for ANY of the Town’s public pages, please share your feelings with our Higher Elected Officials.

Thank you for your consideration,

Joseph McMahon – Upton


  1. Obviously, Mr Fowler feels that the state’s open meeting law is being violated by Mr McMahon, as interpreted very narrowly by our town counselor. Mr Fowler raises a point and I’m all for transparency, but am not sure I agree with the interpretation taken by our town. For instance, I was told that as a member of a town commission (Historical Commission), I cannot share a ride to a meeting with another commission member, as we might discuss commission business outside of a called meeting. Better I should walk the 2 miles than even giving a hint of conducting business outside of a posted meeting. We also have to post a meeting if we do a house tour to vote regarding our demo delay bylaw. That then means that we have to have 4 people go to the tour because we have to have a quorum (and 4 is our quorum number). We used to have 2 people go and write up a report that was then voted on at a posted meeting. Not any more. And, by posting the tour of a house, that technically means anyone can go to it, as our meetings are open to the public. If you were a property owner, applying for a demolition permit, would you like to have the whole town come and take a tour of your property? I wouldn’t. Think of the liability there.

  2. I have reviewed the 2015 meeting minutes and see an issue. The letter writer is clearly desperate but I’m not sure what specifically a resident can do. And who posted the meeting minutes for meetings that either didn’t formally happen or violated the law. Does the town just automatically post whatever the commission secretary gives them? Mr. Fowler, the ball is in your court to state your case to the people of Upton. Do you care to respond to Upton Daily?

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